Sunday, April 26, 2009

Bak Kut Teh

Delicious Bak Kut Teh in JB, Soon Soon Heng!

On a rainy and cool day, this place will surely entice you to be back over & over again. I have been to Singapore and so far there is not one place where you can find nice or at least decent bak kut teh. Its always the same answer for you in S'pore, standard one, all the same and they always over-rate themselves hoping to get more return customers. This place, doesnt look flashy and class but at least they serve a decent flavourfull pot of bak kut teh. Many customers always want to have abit of everything so that they can try and this place wont disappoint you. You can tell the boss what you want & he will mix it up for you in the pot according to the number of people. The pork ribs are tender but honestly I always tell him less bak kut and more pork belly as it is my favourite. Their braised pork leg is also a champion. Dont leave without trying it. They are open late morning till lunch and it is located between Abad & holiday plaza next to that corner duck restaurant. (Its facing the construction site where they are bldg the new Hotel and shopping mall)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Lok Lok

This cuisine has been in JB for a verrrrryyyy long time however lots of people tend to steer away from it due to the hygiene and security. Yes I do agree that you cant go to every loklok van anywhere in the world especially JB. However I have been scouting around to many areas and narrowed down to only two loklok vans in small dangerous JB.
Just in case for those who have no idea what is loklok. Malaccians call it Satay celup. In JB it is normally operated in a van where they open up the hoods and beneath it they offer a wide variety of over 20 different types of finger food skewed in satay sticks. Ranging from cockels, roast pork, taopok, mushrooms, fishball, brocolli, squid, etc...... goes on & on & on. It is self served where you choose which stick you want and you can either dip it in hot boiling water or it can be roasted over a hot grill which is normally taken care of by the vender. Certain vans offer deep fried in oil instead of hot grill. I personally prefer the hot grill as it is not so oily and have you seen the state of the oil for certain vans? Uggghhhh!! (so go for hot grill)
You can choose from 4 sauces provided at the van which are satay sauce, sour chilli sauce, hot chilli sauce and the last I think is some reddish sweet sauce for the squid.

These 2 vans i recommend is located in Sentosa and in Abad area.
Sentosa, located outside of the 7-Eleven around the big lien hoe complex.
Wisma Abad, Located opposite the abad building where they have the disco's and the van is found at the bottom of the row of shophouses.
Be reminded that the vans usually come out at around 1030pm only and they will be there until they are sold out at around 2am plus. So if you want to have everything to choose from, be on time.

Wan Tan Mee

Yit Foh Wan Tan Mee, JB
24 Hours
WEd - 7pm, Thursday CLosed
153, Jalan Harimau,
Taman Century,
80250, Johor Bahru,

Yit Foh wantan mee is fabulous!
This shop serves self made whole egg wan tan noodles. They may look dodgy & the shop is not very well litted but hell, they do serve very tasty noodles and thats what eevrybody is looking for so what are you waiting for. Take a slow drive down & go for it & let me know what you think about it. Normal plate of noodles cost RM$4.

Latest - They have opened up another outlet in Taman Sutera Utama.. Yeah