Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Hainanese Chicken Rice

Singapore raves about their famous chix rice. I ask myself again and again. Whats so nice & special about it. Nothing. It is not tender, it comes with bones if not requested, flavour not there, it doesnt melt in your mouth.

Dont want to overrate this place as well but please give it a try. For those chix feet lovers, dont forget to order their boneless chix feet, you can order it with thai sauce or without.
Located on the same row as AhPiaw wantanmee, corner kopitiam. Lunch only daily.
Name of kopitiam is Restoran Siang Yuen.
Directions: Tebrau area opposite the Wisma Tiong Hua Building / old post office. Landmarks are the corner tyre shop, 7-eleven. See pic for assistance. Will get address & update however, in JB landmarks are more useful as very few uses roadname.

KL Style Black Hokkien Mee

The owner of this cook has a long history in JB, He used to cook under a tree in Taman Century opposite Wisma Abad. My Dad will always tapao for us. His business was so good the local authorities chasd him away, he then hopped to many areas however he got the same treatment, people were jealous of his business and took over selling the same dishes. However our sensitive taste buds will always follow the good stuff. This cook is now located in Tun Aminah. Dont know how to describe the place to you however it is one parallel road off the main road adjacent to Plaza Tasek. Tip - It is 2 doors next to a simple bakery shop and near the a corner of shoplots where it is a kopitiam which always seemds busy.
This place is good for their Black Hokkien Mee, Fried Mee Hoon, Deep Fried Mee Hoon in white sauce and Lor Mee. In summary, all is good.
If I am not wrong, they open for dinner only. Be early and if you are in a rush you can forget this place. The wait is damn long so be prepared to wait. Their sambal is a must to go with it.
Advise - Alot of regulars patronize this place so if you dont know what to order & the service isnt that friendly. Be patient and tolerate. It is not a 5 star Michelin restaurant.
Location: Jalan Pahlawan, Ban Kee Restoran

Lamb Chop

Best Lamb Chop in JB
Where to find good, reasonably priced, simple and consistent succulent lamb chops? Look no more, it has been in JB for ages and nobody knows about it. Go to Bert Keller opposite the old Orang Orang in Taman Century.
You will be invited only by a old arched wooden door. This place is actually one of the oldest and standing pubs since the hay days where our parents used to go.
They are popular for their lamb chop, fried meehoon and their Oxtail stew. Dont miss it. Plus it is a bar where you can have cold beer from the tap, etc.. Try it now & let me know what you think.
Tip - You can request for the lamb chop to be cut up for you so it becomes beer food. Where else can you find service like this??
Note: This is not a place where it is bustling with youngsters and girls, for those guys looking for a normal pub, this place will disappoint you, however if you want a place to hang out, quiet and soft music, then why wait. Go now.