Sunday, March 07, 2010

The main reason Singaporeans always visit JB is always for transit or to find good and cheap seafood. Honestly, staying in JB my whole life, I always go to Singapore to have seafood as it is fresher and its tastes better as well. However I must debate that JB does cook up a storm when they talk seafood especially JB's famous Cereal prawns and Salted egg crabs. Lots of places serves salted egg crabs but not as good as this shop. Its located in Sentosa area opposite the Store shopping mall. Its on the same row as RHB bank and you will see a big crab signage on it. You wont miss it as there will be a few ladies barbequeing chix wings, prawns and sotong. The smell will get to you. People always go there and order like 20 chix wings and the hot, spicy thai sauce goes very well with it. If you want to order crabs, Pls order their salted egg crab and DO tell them you want the big crab as having the small crabs is just a waste of time and effort. For S'poreans, it's still cheaper than in S'pore so dont stinge. You wont regret it. Cant say much for this shop at this moment as my mind is blank just thinking about it so for those crab lovers, go for it, dont wait.

Ice Kachang

Where to get Ice Cold Savouring Ice Kachang in today's HEAT!! Search no more. Its here in JB. For you locals, if you know where is the old sanlou in between pelangi and Stulang. Its the small row of open air food stalls opposite it. Its open from lunch time till 4-5pm daily. Very easy to notice which one is the stall. There are two rows of stalls, one malay and the other chinese. On the chinese row, both of the corner stalls serve good ice kachang. Its cool, flavourful and for those chocolate lovers, ask for extra choco.
They also do Taufu Goreng, or Yew Char Kueh with the rojak sauce. You can tell the auntie if you just want Yew char kueh only and they will hapilly do it for you. Allthough the picture doesnt look that tempting, Try it for yourself & be the judge.

Chee Cheong Fun

Chee Cheong Fun, If you are a JB local then you will know what it means. Hmmm, to translate to Angmoh?? I think its called flat rolled rice noodles. Doesn't sound tempting but what the heck, you locals will know. You must visit this shop lot located in Tun Aminah. They served very simple plain and nice chee cheong fun (Without filing). You can choose from three flavours which is black, red or curry. I personally like the black or the curry however some may like the red as well for the sauce. To complement the dish, you can choose from a big variety of items such as fishball, meatball, yong taufu, etc... But the must tries is the soft deep fried Zhu-Pi (Pork Skin) with long bean and the Chicken feet in bean sauce. Sinful but Delicioussss.
Please try and let me know what you think of this shop. How to go there, Hmmm, The main stretch of road in Tun aminah, Its a parallel road off it. Its next to two pet shops. Thats all I know. Have atchd a shot of the shop so it helps. haha (Suspense) - Do note that I have tried to go there a few times and they are closed so find out the days they are open if you like it so you dont get disappointed.

Alternatively, if you want the chee cheong fun with filling, please search for tebrau market as there is a shop called Hong Kong Chee Cheong Fun there which has been there for 30 over years and the old man is still there making it. Fantastic dish and what stamina.