Sunday, August 08, 2010

Roti Prata

We call it Roti Prata in JB however in KL, they call it Roti Canai. Dont know what Singaporeans call in but you cant find good Roti in S'pore.
This is a local dish where it can be eaten at all times, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Supper, etc.. Lots of people like it for its sauces. They always have 3 different sauces & you can take it yourself. Chix curry, Dhal, Fish curry and of course the sambal. If you dont ask, the default is Dhal with sambal mixed inside.
My favourite is the Chix curry. Personally I like their roti kosong and the Telur bawang. Fantastic.

History - They used to operate opposite Tebrau market and it was damn popular. Opened up 2nd outlet in town and went bust. Few years disappered and now they are in Pelangi. Their opp Leisure mall and Mobil station on the same row as the maybank. Few shops downward. Name of shop is MD. SALLEH with a smiley face. Same signage board as in the 1980's when they were in Tebrau. Open in the mornings only. They also serve nasi lemak but i am not a fan of it. Others are.

Nasi Lemak

Restoran Mana Lagi!
Delicious Nasi Lemak with piping hot Ayam Goreng. Needless to say, this place has been so popular I dont think I need to write on. They also serve Sotong sambal, beef rendang, Soto, etc. Mainly people will go for the nasi lemak and their ayam goreng.
The cooks will be cooking the fried chicken non-stop and whenever a new tray is ready, everyone will rush for it before it finishes. Take note - Its self service so dont expected to be serve. You have to rush for your chicken otherwise you will leave unsatisfied.
Collect your nasi lemak from the inside of the shop and then proceed to choose the chicken you want. Drinks will be served.

History of this place - In 1997-1999, they used to operate as a small wooden shack in Perling near a small mosque where they will only open at 330hr in the early morning. Believe it or not. They catered to lorry drivers & a very peculiar target market such as myself. They then moved over to a shoplot further down the road where it is now.
I dont have address but if you were driving in the direction of Perling Mall from the pasir Gudang highway, turn left at Perling mall and continue straight for 5 mins. When you see a chinese temple on your left, filter into that row of shop houses, you will see a 7-eleven, go further down and you will see the green signboard which says Restoran Mana Lagi. Lots of people and tables along the road. Its operated by the local malays and its halal. Open for dinner

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Mee Hoon Kueh

Where to go for delicious Mee Hoon Kueh?
Its located in Pelangi, opposite Pelangi Plaza McDonalds where the row of shop houses are. The name of the shop is Yi Bao and they are packed daily during lunch hours. Humble & hardworking family doing business. They offer Mee Hoon Kueh, Ee Mee or Mee Pok. Its all cooked the same way, its just the difference in noodles. For those who have a toothache, they serve good porridge as well. I normally will go for the Ee Mee but to each his own yeah..
Tip - I always visit this place when I have a flu or my head is just soo heavy. Eat the noodles together with the chilli padi sauce and all your sighness will go away in a jiffy. You might perspire but it feels good.


Tampoi Laksa, I'm sure many of the locals in JB will know this place. I have been eating at this place since I was a small boy so to say that this place has been around for ages. The only thing is that they were forced to move a few times ever since the old Tampoi street was on fire by purpose to make way for the highway, etc...
Yes, for you who know about this place & knew about it, arent you glad that I am posting it now so that you can go back and relieve those taste buds to remind you of the old times.
Their good for their Laksa, Rojak, Cuttlefish w Kang Kong and my favourite, the blanced cockles, locally its called 'SeaHam'. You may say that everywhere also can get boiled seaham but believe it or not, this is the only place I eat it as they have been consistently fresh and never got tummy ache before and their chilli with nuts & lime goes very well with it. (Thats my opinion)

If any 5 star top service anybody can rave about, this small family business service will blow you away. They shout at each other while taking orders but never once have they got an order wrong and you can never complain about their service.

I think they close on Wednesdays. Open for dinner only. Its a small roadside stall. No address so I will describe how to go there from the highway. When you are along the highway from Danga Bay or from the Royal Johor Country club, go on the highway towards Angsana Plaza, Keep left and go up the Angsana bridge then turn right in the direction of Angsana Plaza. Once you turn right, keep left straight away as when you have crossed the bridge, you need to make the first left turn into the old tampoi area. Drive for another 80-100m and it will be on your right at a corner junction. Lots of people is your landmark. If I do get a picture of the place, I will upload it. Do try it & let me know what you think.

Bittergourd Soup and Fried Pork

Kah Kah Loke
Bittergourd soup with mixed spare parts
To many, this dish may sound a turn off as I know many people dont eat bittergourd. However, please give this place a chance. They have been in the market for many years and their customers are always returning for more over & over again. Maybe its the medicinal value of the soup which I am not a doctor to go further on. But what the heck, it tastes good and its not bitter at all. Very good to try it on a rainy day. Must try is the deep fried pork and Toufu with mince meat. The fried pork goes very well with their Kampong Koh chilli sauce. I usually tell them half fat, half lean meat so its juicy and tender. But some people may be health consious so they can choose to request for lean meat.

Slight history of this place, they started off in Taman Johor Jaya in a secluded corner where it was very difficult to find. The place was an old look like coffeshop which was not inviting at all so they opened up a branch at Taman Iskandar on the same row as the Ya Kun Fishball noodle. That didnt last long and it closed down. The owner then decided to renovate his existing original branch in Johor Jaya and the business is booming now. From there they progressed to open up a new branch in Taman Sutera Utama in the new area near the Peking Restaurant in Sutera Utama. Its on the same row as shop lots as the big japanese buffet restaurants.