Sunday, August 08, 2010

Nasi Lemak

Restoran Mana Lagi!
Delicious Nasi Lemak with piping hot Ayam Goreng. Needless to say, this place has been so popular I dont think I need to write on. They also serve Sotong sambal, beef rendang, Soto, etc. Mainly people will go for the nasi lemak and their ayam goreng.
The cooks will be cooking the fried chicken non-stop and whenever a new tray is ready, everyone will rush for it before it finishes. Take note - Its self service so dont expected to be serve. You have to rush for your chicken otherwise you will leave unsatisfied.
Collect your nasi lemak from the inside of the shop and then proceed to choose the chicken you want. Drinks will be served.

History of this place - In 1997-1999, they used to operate as a small wooden shack in Perling near a small mosque where they will only open at 330hr in the early morning. Believe it or not. They catered to lorry drivers & a very peculiar target market such as myself. They then moved over to a shoplot further down the road where it is now.
I dont have address but if you were driving in the direction of Perling Mall from the pasir Gudang highway, turn left at Perling mall and continue straight for 5 mins. When you see a chinese temple on your left, filter into that row of shop houses, you will see a 7-eleven, go further down and you will see the green signboard which says Restoran Mana Lagi. Lots of people and tables along the road. Its operated by the local malays and its halal. Open for dinner


  1. should try their mee goreng... but have to b early.... always sold out in a hour...

  2. i don't understand why ppl claim its the best nasi lemak..........its horrible because its too sweet.